Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

I live in Venezuela; our current economic situation makes many small and medium businessmen fight with all their strength to survive month after month. In recent years, radio advertising has declined and its sales are no longer the same. Many people claim that advertising on the radio is not as effective as using social media. Is this true?

“if any serious business wants to increase profits, it will almost always have set aside a proper budget for marketing.”

This phrase is so real that no one can deny the effectiveness of a good marketing campaign. However, there are those who still belittle these investments and neglect the opportunity to grow. Well, we are already convinced of the need for marketing. What is the best option to invest today?

Traditional marketing

The classic of all, you do not need to be connected to carry out your campaigns. For years it has been the main resource for many businesses. It makes use of: magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, catalogues, postcards, telemarketing, sms marketing, billboards, fliers, and much more.

Digital marketing

Is online marketing, the internet has brought it to life and in the last 20 years it has taken incredible strength. It is characterized by the use of: websites, social media, mobile devices and more.

The big difference that I can find between the two is the cost. The investment in traditional marketing is much higher and it is not so easy to measure. On the other hand, the investment in digital marketing is quite affordable and you can measure to optimize resources and thus achieve better results.

Is traditional marketing still a viable option for companies?

Yes, it still is. If you have a good budget, it can help you with branding. But if your resources are limited and you want to get measurable results, it is definitely not an option for you.

How has digital marketing changed the way traditional marketing is approached?

The priorities, it is very likely that entrepreneurs now think first of social networks before television. It’s about how things have changed and how we buy now. I really like the document: ZMOT because it shows us in a prophetic way, the change that has been happening and the effects on the way of doing marketing.

Personally, I am inclined towards the strategies that go through digital marketing. In fact, I have been working with my own agency for 6 years and I have seen first-hand how more than 50 clients have improved their businesses thanks to digital marketing. I also recognize the importance of maintaining strategies that use traditional marketing, as long as the budget allows.

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